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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All crime declines
A press release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that they were "proud" to report that auto thefts had declined 30 percent. A simple search on Google News will show that many other municipalities are celebrating monumental victories agains car thieves as evidenced through the decline in auto thefts. What the press releases failed to mention is that all crime in every category is down according to the FBI and the 30 percent decline in auto thefts is hardly unique. Other municipalities are reporting declines of over 40 percent and large ones like Phoenix are also reporting nearly 30 percent declines. Las Vegas is still a heavyweight as a contender for the top spot as the number one place to steal a car. Nevada ranks number two right now. So while we have declined significantly, so has everyone else mainly because other cities are taking it seriously now too. Washington police have set up fake chop shops to nab car thieves, Las Vegas uses bait cars and tactics like driving a bait car with an officer in it to a shopping mall and then jumping out angrily and marching away without locking up. Apparently thieves like to just hang around in parking lots and wait for people to leave their cars unlocked. So far one of the most successful components of reducing auto thefts has been public education campaigns, just telling people to lock their cars, take their expensive stuff with them or hide it. Tonight every Las Vegas metro substation in the valley will be dedicated to the public education campaign.
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Nation's First Cold War Memorial Groundbreaking & Book Signing

The Forest Service members of the CIA and workers from Area 51 were at Mt. Charleston outside Las Vegas for the groundbreaking of the nation's first Cold War Memorial on Saturday, November 17. This will enhance the regions international recognition for its role in America's victory in the Cold War. The Atomic Testing museum with its hands-on exhibits, the atomic test site with its bomb-ravaged structures and now the cold war memorial honoring America's heroes who lost their lives in America's longest war. Vistors can get a signed first-edition copy of Silent Heroes of the Cold War (Stephen's Press 2008) and learn more at this first public event on a multi-million dollar Forest Service project in the area.

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